Thursday, March 24, 2011

My experience on doing this travelouge

This is one of the activities I enjoyed most during e-learning week. Surprisingly, I enjoyed searching for different information and the history of my neighborhood. One of the most interesting thing I did while trying to complete this task was to go around and take pictures. Thank God I had my father with me to go around and take pictures, in a car. My father drove me around the different places in Hougang and I would scroll down the car window to take pictures. I felt weird doing so as there were many people staring at me while I took the pictures. However, I did not regret going out as it was very fun and I had a Great bonding time with my father.
One of the difficulties I faced was probably not being able to find some history facts on the different locations I wanted to do. The day that I went out was also very rainy so I had some difficulties taking the pictures as I had to protect the lenses. I also could not interview people as I was in my father's car and he had to rush and it was raining. In the end, I decided to do a interview with my dad. He was a long time resident after all.
If I was given a chance to change a bit of my blog, I would choose to spend more time taking more and better pictures and also maybe do some interviews with strangers.

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